Re: [Industrial I/O] [0/13] RFC: IIO v3 patchset

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 14:45:39 EST

> have both functions. The sort of devices we are talking typically
> communicate over I2C or SPI buses though drivers for rs232 devices etc are
> definitely on the cards. Basically we are interested in devices where direct
> memory mapped access is not possible.

We have I2C and SPI drivers so I assume you will use the lower layers of
the stacks to do this ?

> For discussion of why these don't fit within existing subsystems see
> and the rest of the associated thread.

I don't see much there which says why you can't unify all this in a user
space library.

For RS232/423/.. devices you can go this path if you want (but I would
keep it all in userspace anyway) as you can use a line discipline to sit
on top of the port and provide another interface (eg the way PPP does)
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