From: Andreas Dilger
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 14:42:43 EST

On Dec 01, 2008 13:34 +0100, Andres Freund wrote:
> Are there any additional informations you could use?
> The filesystem is a bit big for you to download unfortunately (and the
> testdata it contains a bit to sensitive).

Som information that would be useful:
- did you run "e2fsck -f" to see if there were any errors in the filesystem?
- do you run any specific applications that seem to trigger the problem
(e.g. Vuze (formerly azureus) as was reported by another user)
- do the applications writing to this file have any unusual IO pattern
(e.g. mmap IO, lots of write+truncate+write on the same file, etc)

We discussed the creation of a debugging patch to help diagnose this
problem. It looks like you have already compiled your own kernel, so
I assume it would be possible for you to run with an additional patch?

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group
Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

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