Re: [smartmontools-support] SMART to USB/sata dock in 2.6.27-rc5doesn't work

From: matthieu castet
Date: Thu Oct 23 2008 - 14:58:40 EST

Mark Lord wrote:
matthieu castet wrote:

Tejun Heo wrote:
David Greaves wrote:
Error Counter logging not supported
Device does not support Self Test logging

The USB bridge should support SAT (SCSI-ATA translation) and many
don't. Nothing much can be done about it. The hardware just don't know
how to do it.

That true that the hardware should support SAT, but even if it support it, linux need some patches to support SAT over USB. See and the patch mentioned in the thread.

Ahh.. Great! This mostly fixes smartctl operation on at least two
of my USB drive enclosures here:

1. a recent rev. 2.5" NexStar-3 SATA enclosure.
2. a 250GB 2.5" WD "Passport" external USB drive/enclosure.

With the patch, this command line works for me:

smartctl -a -dsat -T permissive /dev/sdb
And hdparm just works regardless, with or without the patch.

It should work without permissive, permissive was need without the patch.

You said hdparm works without the patch. I wonder how it work. IRRC it asks check condition stuff for every command. I am interested to see the hdparm --verbose output without the patch.

BTW somebody is trying to push a patch similar to this one to usb-storage driver :

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