Re: Bug fix for pvrusb2 driver [was: Re: Kernel ->[USB REGRESSION] (USB -> D_STATE)]

From: Alan Stern
Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 13:23:36 EST

On Mon, 20 Oct 2008, Mike Isely wrote:

> > Should I wait for the patch coming up through v4l-dvb or test Alan's patch?
> > has quite a few issues:
> >
> > 1. xfs is broken w/barrier (there is a patch for this)
> > 2. usb hangs (patch below)
> > 3. abit-guru (comsetic issue only, doesn't find mobo) (there is a patch for
> > this now as well)
> >
> > So I am sticking with right now, let me know if you need me
> > to test Alan's patch to see if it fixes the issue.
> I'm sorry I didn't post my patch immediately in my previous response.
> It is however posted as a link in a followup, and for the record here it
> is again:
> I have tested it, and it works as expected. I've done all I can
> according to the process there to ready it for kernel inclusion and I've
> asked in my pull request there to get this patch into the next 2.6.27.x
> stable release.
> The driver really didn't "need" the reset anyway, and so from where I'm
> sitting the simplest thing is just to remove it which is what my patch
> does. (I had put in that reset a long time ago when working on
> improving hardware stability. I had never positively established that
> this actually helped during initialization, but it didn't hurt either so
> I left it in place. Now that it is causing pain, it's best just to get
> it out of there.) I don't see much point in testing Alan's patch.

I agree with Mike. His changes make the patch I sent totally
irrelevant, and they should fix the problem you're facing.

Alan Stern

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