LatencyTop problem

From: Mauro Andreolini
Date: Sat Oct 18 2008 - 13:27:48 EST

Hi everyone,

I tried to get latencytop (Debian testing package, v.0.4) running on a
2.6.27 vanilla kernel. When I try to execute latencytop as root, I get
the following message:

Error writing to /proc/sys/kernel/latencytop: No such file or directory
Error writing to /proc/sys/kernel/latencytop: No such file or directory
Are you root?
Please enable the CONFIG_LATENCYTOP configuration in your kernel.

I am pretty sure that the CONFIG_LATENCYTOP is set in the kernel.
I tried to download and apply the latencytop patch, but it rejects some
hunks. It seems as if the executable wants to
open /proc/sys/kernel/latencytop for writing but it can't, because the
piece of kernel code that enables it (kernel/latencytop.c) does not
create that /proc file. The code to enable /proc/sys/kernel/latencytop
is contained in the kernel patch from the project home page, anyway.
Instead, reading the code in the 2.6.27 kernel, a "latency_stats" file
should be created, but that is not present under both the /proc and /sys
Could anyone of you point me to a procedure to get latencytop working
with a recent kernel?
Thank you in advance.

Mauro Andreolini

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