Re: [ANNOUNCE] Guilt v0.31

From: Michael J Gruber
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 12:29:48 EST

Junio C Hamano venit, vidit, dixit 09.09.2008 18:02:
> Michael J Gruber <michaeljgruber+gmane@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I keep hearing this argument, and I'm even more surprised to hear it
>> right after a major release. If not now then when's a good time for
>> cleaning up confusing inconsistencies?
> Actually, after a major release is the worst time to push for such an
> agenda.

For many projects, things become unstable after a major release. This is
the time to experiment. Right before a major release, everything needs
to settle down, with a focus on bugfixes and stability.

That said, I know the "logic" of the make targets now, so I really don't
care any more what they are named. I just meant to keep others from
being confused. So I guess I'll go with the existing naming and fit
quick-install-html right in. Will go into a new thread tomorrow or so.

> Especially when that release burned the maintainer with numerous complains
> against a major change in it, that has been advertised for a long time,
> which was pushed by other people for no good reason other than "such a
> clean-up would make things much tidier".
> Grrr ;-).

I think you handled that in the best possible way, and I felt
sympathetic with you when that thread with a RFC went OT back to
discussing things over again.

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