Re: Endless ACPI errors on Linus tree (5b664cb235)

From: Jan Beulich
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008 - 04:11:43 EST

>> > > After someone else observed some problem with this patch earlier, I had
>> > > already sent out attached patch as a replacement one. Any chance you
>> > > could also try this with your box?
>> >
>> > It resulted in the same error, unfortunately.
>> Can you send a acpi table dump please?

The situation is even worse here - the (v2) bit width now is divisible by 16,
but still isn't in sync with the v1 field (as is the gpe0 one):

v1 v2
PM1a_EVT 4 0x10
PM1a_CNT 2 0x10
PM1b_CNT 2 0x10
PM_TMR 4 0x20
GPE0 8 0x20

That would basically mean there's no way to use the v2 fields here - all
the code could do is report the inconsitency, but it would have to use
the v1 field in any case. That's really a shame, and as before I'm
somewhat hesitant to do so. The only way I could easily find myself
doing this would be to introduce a command line option controlling the
behavior here, but that would need to be done outside of the ACPICA
code I'd assume.

Andi, Bob, Len?


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