macbook2,2 latest git mmconfig issues

From: Justin Mattock
Date: Fri Jul 18 2008 - 23:39:23 EST

Well I couldn't really see what was happening
until I could experience this myself;
It seems the macbook pro ati chipset
is having the same problem as jack was with mmconfig yesterday.
I'm confused as to why my system was able to run this kernel(2.6.26.git1)
without a problem, now after doing a reinstall of the operating system
I am confronted with this same issue. How do I find the 0x3f number on
my system,
so I could plug that into the patch? to see if I can boot up
Now keep in mind the only difference with this install is the
installer took a dump
therefore you have to manually install grub(could this be the source
of the issue?)

Justin P. Mattock
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