Re: Suggestion About Kernel Releases

From: Chris Wright
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 13:31:54 EST

* Tarkan Erimer (tarkan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> To make kernel releases more stable/tested via "testX" series, as recently
> discussed by David Miller's "Slow DOWN, please!!!" thread.

Arjan already pointed out that this was about the merge window, not the

> These "testX"
> releases will give more opportunity and time to test more these new
> releases. Also, with the aim of the "testX" series, the new kernel release
> schedules/merge windows will be not slow down. Even, Linus can releases new
> kernels more quickly. Because, testing purpose should be handled by someone
> else like Chris did for 2.6.x.y.

(BTW, Greg does 2.6.x.y as well). What you are missing is that it is not
Greg and I who are doing the bulk of testing for 2.6.x.y. It's the entire
community, and adding additional stage to the tail or the release cycle
will not increase testing coverage. History shows it'll just postpone it.

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