2.6.26-rcX: Problem with mem config > 4GB ; fore2000 atm driver options

From: werner
Date: Tue May 20 2008 - 15:58:25 EST

I observed the following problems with 2.6.26-rcX-gitY:

Steady-steady I got segmentation faults. On no problems. I compiled plenty times the newer kernels to find out the reason. I thing the problem is the memory configuration as > 4 GB. In my config file, since earlier kernels, i configured >4 GB. When I use config files with that, then occure the problems, with <4 GB not. It seems that the menuconfig of the new kernels accept only until 4 GB.

Another problem with the fore2000 atm configuration. When one affirms the default config of menuconfig, then the compilation crashs because it wouldn't find the path of these drivers. When one explicitely click x , affirming the default path (what would be default anyway) then the compilation works. This seems to be an error of the menuconfig and should be corrected


0.23-rc1 20/5/08