Re: [PATCH] Documentation/x86_64/00-INDEX

From: Rob Landley
Date: Sun Sep 30 2007 - 21:28:26 EST

On Sunday 30 September 2007 3:35:03 pm Andi Kleen wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 07:44:02PM -0500, Rob Landley wrote:
> > From: Rob Landley <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > Add Documentation/x86_64/00-INDEX
> What's the point of this file?

It's for

I have a script that converts each 00-INDEX files into an index.html file, and
then uses that instead of just a directory listing. I'm trying to get
complete coverage (a 00-INDEX file for each directory), although what I
really need is no directories with _partial_ 00-INDEX files (because then
using index.html instead of showing the directory listing would hide files).

If you want this directory to be special and _not_ have a 00-INDEX file,
that's fine by me. It screws up my 404 link checker, but I can hardwire in
an exception for you...

> > +boot-options.txt
> > + - AMD64-specific boot options.
> The architecture is not called AMD64 under Linux.

That line was cut and paste from the first line of boot-options.txt. If you'd
like to suggest another description, I'm all ears and can update the patch to
touch boot-options.txt at the same time.

> > +mm.txt
> > + - Memory layout of x86-64 (4 level page tables, 46 bits physical).
> I don't think such details as the 46 bit number should be in an index file.

*shrug* Ok.

"One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code."
- Ken Thompson.
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