Re: Serial ATA does not find partitions (Hitachi HD, new? ATI controller)where old SATA works

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 14:18:00 EST

Hernan G Solari wrote:
> Hello
> I am disturbing you with this problem because I think there is
> something to be learnt, I have
> no urgency or further-problem with my work-around.
> Description: trying to boot with kernel 2.6.22 the booting process
> stops not finding
> the root partition, in the previous line it gives an EMPTY list of
> available partitions.
> Disabling completely the (Serial) ATA driver and enabling the old SATA
> driver is my work-around (a regresion).
> Installing linux with debian 4.0 is possible (kernel,
> but ubuntu crashes
> silently after loading kernel and initrd.image (I guess it is the same
> problem).

Can you set up netconsole and collect the kernel log from the failing
boot and post it here?



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