Re: Stardom SATA HSM violation

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 14:16:56 EST

Mark Lord wrote:
> Tejun Heo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Mark Lord wrote:
>>> I reported a very similar bug back a few releases ago.
>>> Anyone who wants to try it themselves, can do this with hdparm-7.7 (from
>>> sourceforge):
>>> hdparm --drq-hsm-error /dev/sda
>>> Whether or not it hangs the machine does depend upon exactly which SATA
>>> LLD is used,
>>> and what model/revision of drive is installed. But if it hangs for you
>>> (eg. Tejun),
>>> then you now have a way to reproduce a HSM error "on demand" for
>>> testing. :)
>> Neat. Is this the FIFO-draining issue?
> Yeah, that's the one. And I still patch my own kernels to
> automatically drain up to 512 words from the FIFO when this happens.
> Works like a charm. Patch below for demonstration purposes.
> Signed-Off-By: Mark Lord <mlord@xxxxxxxxx>

I think there have been enough cases where this draining was necessary.
IIRC, ata_piix was involved in those cases, right? If so, can you
please submit a patch which applies this only to affected controllers?
I don't feel too confident about applying this to all SFF controllers.



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