Re: 2.6.23-rc8-mm1 -- powerpc link failure

From: Andy Whitcroft
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 08:03:44 EST

> actually, my first patch wasn't using weak symbols, but I have been
> convinced that it's the way to go(tm). Please see
> and the ongoing thread.
> I am fine with replacing the brk randomization patch with the one that
> wasn't using weak symbols (posted in the mentioned thread too), I have no
> strong opinion either way.

Ok, this problem seems to still persist in 2.6.23-rc8-mm2. It seems
we have three options from here:

1) update the compiler support list to exclude these compilers, or
2) back this change out, or
3) switch to the version not using __weak.

The latter seems to be the least intrusive change. As no-one closer
to the problem is stepping up to make the decision I will propose
we go with the third option here.

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