From: Matthew Wilcox
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 14:58:13 EST

I have a series of patches to dmapool that I'd like opinions on. I
don't have any performance numbers yet, but some of the patches are a
good idea, with or without performance numbers.

One of the problems with dmapool is that it doesn't have a maintainer
listed. I've spent enough time looking at it over the past couple of
weeks that I think I'd be comfortable in that role, so unless someone
objects, I'll submit a patch to MAINTAINERS to add myself.

I shan't post the first two patches. The first simply Lindents the code
and the second moves it to mm/ (a better fit than drivers/base, IMO).

Four patches to follow.

Intel are signing my paycheques ... these opinions are still mine
"Bill, look, we understand that you're interested in selling us this
operating system, but compare it to ours. We can't possibly take such
a retrograde step."
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