Re: [patch 0/7] Linux Kernel Markers (redux)

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 14:12:01 EST

On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 12:49:50PM -0400, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Following Christoph Hellwig's suggestion, aiming at a Linux Kernel Markers
> inclusion for 2.6.24, I made a simplified version of the Linux Kernel Markers.
> There are no more dependencies on any other patchset.
> The modification only involved turning the immediate values into static
> variables and adapting the documentation accordingly. It will have a little more
> data cache impact when disabled than the version based on the immediate values,
> but it is far less complex.
> Since things have not moved much in the markers area recently (most of the
> concerns were about the immediate values), I expect it to be ready for 2.6.24.

I've done a quick review and except for my usual nitpicking it looks
very good to me. I'll try my sputrace code with this version and will
report on how it works.

I'd really love to see markers in 2.6.24. The impact to core code of
the actual markers is minimal with some more struct fields in functions
in the module code, although we'll want Mathieu's fix for the modules
list aswell which is a little more invasive. But I think we want that
one anyway.

I'd say we probably don't want the blktrace conversion that late in the
game, though - but we can queue that once together with the optimizations
from Mathieu's earlier patches in -mm.

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