Re: [patch] sched: accurate user accounting

From: Balbir Singh
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 23:44:46 EST

malc wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> * malc <av1474@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> the alternating balancing might be due to an uneven number of tasks
>>>> perhaps? If you have 3 tasks on 2 cores then there's no other
>>>> solution to achieve even performance of each task but to rotate them
>>>> amongst the cores.
>>> One task, one thread. I have also tried to watch fairly demanding
>>> video (Elephants Dream in 1920x1080/MPEG4) with mplayer, and CFS moves
>>> the only task between cores almost every second.
>> hm, mplayer is not running alone when it does video playback: Xorg is
>> also pretty active. Furthermore, the task you are using to monitor
>> mplayer counts too. The Core2Duo has a shared L2 cache between cores, so
>> it is pretty cheap to move tasks between the cores.
> Well just to be sure i reran the test with `-vo null' (and fwiw i tried
> few completely different output drivers) the behavior is the same. I'm
> not running Core2Duo but X2, but guess that does not really matter here.
> As for the task that monitors, i've written it myself (there are two
> monitoring methods, one(the accurate) does not depend on contets of
> `/proc/stat' at all), so it can be cheaply (for me) changed in any
> way one wants. Sources are available at the same place where screenshot
> was found.
>>>> well, precise/finegrained accounting patches have been available for
>>>> years, the thing with CFS is that there we get them 'for free',
>>>> because CFS needs those metrics for its own logic. That's why this
>>>> information is much closer to reality now. But note: right now what
>>>> is affected by the changes in the CFS patches is /proc/PID/stat
>>>> (i.e. the per-task information that 'top' and 'ps' displays, _not_
>>>> /proc/stat) - but more accurate /proc/stat could certainly come
>>>> later on too.
>>> Aha. I see, it's just that integral load for hog is vastly improved
>>> compared to vanilla 2.6.21 [...]
>> hm, which ones are improved? Could this be due to some other property of
>> CFS? If your app relies on /proc/stat then there's no extra precision in
>> those cpustat values yet.
> This is what it looked like before:
> Now integral load matches the one obtained via the "accurate" method.
> However the report for individual cores are of by around 20% percent.

I think I missed some of the context, is the accounting of individual tasks
or cpustat values off by 20%? I'll try and reproduce this problem.

Could you provide more details on the APC tool that you are using -- I
do not understand the orange and yellow lines, do they represent system
and user time?

NOTE: There is some inconsistency in the values reported by /usr/bin/time
(getrusage) and values reported in /proc or through delay accounting.

> Though i'm not quite sure what you mean by "which ones are improved".
>> i've Cc:-ed Balbir Singh and Dmitry Adamushko who are the main authors
>> of the current precise accounting code in CFS. Maybe i missed some
>> detail :-)
> Oh, the famous "With enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." in action.

Warm Regards,
Balbir Singh
Linux Technology Center
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