Re: ext2 on flash memory

From: DervishD
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 16:07:58 EST

Hi Jan :)

* Jan Knutar <jk-lkml@xxxxxx> dixit:
> On Wednesday 13 June 2007 16:48, DervishD wrote:
> > But anyway the memory should last long. Even cheap flash memories
> > with poor wear leveling (if any at all) usually long last. Given
> > that I won't be writing continuously, wear shouldn't be a problem.
> > I'm going to use this as a backup copy of my home. Of course, I can
> > use a tarball too...
> I did a test on my kingston datatraveler recently, I didn't expect it
> to survive, but it did.

Aaaaagh! Never do such tests again, or at least don't tell me XD

> Considering it surived ReiserFS, I suspect it would last ages with
> ext2, especially for your backup purposes.

I don't really know the number of writes that a flash memory allows
nowadays, but probably they're 10000 even in cheap ones, and with proper
wear leveling that should mean a looooot of time.

Thanks for the test, really O:))

Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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