PCI-Express root complex quirk in virtual P2P bridge

From: Kumar Gala
Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 02:26:30 EST

I was hoping to get some guidance on how to handle a quirk in how the virtual P2P bridge works on some embedded PowerPC PCI-Express root complex controllers. In the controllers I'm dealing with when we change PCI_PRIMARY_BUS in pci_scan_bridge the ability to send config cycles to the controller itself becomes effected. The controller only sends config cycles internally if the bus # in the config cycle matches the PCI_PRIMARY_BUS. We end up going from being 0 to 3 in the particular setup and at the point we set PCI_PRIMARY_BUS to 3 we are no longer able to send internal config cycles.

What we need is that either a quirk or pcibios code needs to get call right after we set PCI_PRIMARY_BUS so we can fixup the bus number relationship. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how best to handle this.


- k
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