Re: [patch-mm 00/23] High resolution timer updates and x86_64 support

From: Mark Lord
Date: Sun Jun 10 2007 - 18:46:43 EST

Thomas Gleixner wrote:
The following patch series contains:

- dyntick bugfixes for -mm (caused by the cpuidle changes in ACPI)

- updates and improvements to high resolution timer / dynticks

- high resolution timer / dynticks support for x86_64

The x86_64 support is based on an initial patch from Chris Wright. Thanks Chris !

The patch set has been tested in the -hrt and -rt trees for quite a while
and the initial problems have been sorted out. Thanks to the folks from the
PowerTop project for testing and feedback.

The -hrt tree at contains
also an hpet force patch series from Venki Pallipadi, but I leave this up to
Venki to send it mainline wards.

Do you know if there's anything specific in there that would fix
the start-up race condition with HRTIMERS on my machine here
(previously discussed, yet unresolved)?

It still happens sporadically on boot-up -- maybe one in 10 boots without
any change in the kernel binary..

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