Re: -ck patch | Feedback

From: Celso
Date: Sun Jun 10 2007 - 12:52:56 EST

SÃb, 2007-06-09 Ãs 10:30 +0100, Miguel Figueiredo escreveu:
> Celso wrote:
> > Hello, I'm using -ck since... along time ago (I start using it with the
> > kernel 2.6.16) . I started using it with Ubuntu and the response of the
> > system was better. Since that I always compile my kernels with -ck.
> > Actually I use 2.6.20-ck1 and I have no problems, even with things that
> > needs kernel-sources like gspca for my webcam.
> >
> > Thanks a lot for the patches.
> >
> > PS: when will this go into the official kernel?
> >
> Hi there,
> have you tryied a newer kernel with -ck2 [1] ?
> I am also using a -ck patch, 2.6.21-ck2, mostly on 2 machines where i
> use as desktop and also play games. With -ck2 the experience seems less
> slugish and more smooth while playing 'second life' and have a bunch of
> other programs open (mail, a zillion web pages, irc client, feed reader,
> consoles, ...).
> The desktop seems more confortable to use than with the vanilla kernel.
> I also tryed cfs, it's also much better than the vanilla kernel but i
> still prefer -ck2 for playing second life as it feels more responsive.
> If you try the -ck2 or SD 1.0 please report your experience. It's nice
> to hear that people are testing/using these improvements on desktop usage.
> 1 - ck2 patch to add to vanilla 2.6.21,
> PS: I remember i read somewhere that the SD patch (included in -ck) has
> became stable (version 1.0) with a few small improvements!

Well, I upgrade to 2.6.21-ck2 and install it on my two pcs (I had before
2.6.20-ck1 on both) and the installation work, like always, fine. No
problems. On the pc I use most (the better one :) ) I didn't feel much
difference from 2.6.20-ck1 to 2.6.21-ck2 (for regular Desktop use), but
in the older pc, where my brother works, he says that was even more

* direct translation sorry if it doesn't sound well

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