Re: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3

From: david
Date: Sun Jun 10 2007 - 06:04:49 EST

On Sun, 10 Jun 2007, Tarkan Erimer wrote:

> And maybe another questions should be : How long a copyright owner can > hold the copyright, if died or lost for sometime ? if died, the > copyright still should be valid or not ? If lost, what the law orders at > this point for copyright holding ?

I believe that in the US it's life + 90 years.

David Lang
Hmm... Really,it is damn too much time to wait! It's really better idea to replace the code of this person as said before instead of waiting such 90+ years!

exactly, however as others are pointing out, there are a lot of active developers who do not agree with some of the key points of the GPLv3 (including Linus), so until you convince them that the GPLv3 is better it really doesn't matter how hard it is to deal with the people who you can't contact.

David Lang
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