Jinxed VAIO wreckage - current state of affairs

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 15:54:45 EST

Andrew's jinxed VAIO breaks with the high resolution timer updates in a
very strange way. Andrew identified the following patch as the culprit:


This makes no sense at all. The patch just moves the timer restart to a
different (later) place in the code and does exactly the same thing as
the current code does.

On resume the VAIO is stuck in the following place:

<Andrews debug session>

We finish swsusp_save() and a few other functions then we go


and there it dies, in this call:

status = acpi_evaluate_object(NULL, METHOD_NAME__WAK, &arg_list, NULL);

I wonder how your patch caused that?

<debugs further>

OK, it gets to the last statement in acpi_evaluate_object():


but doesn't hit the printk on return to the caller,

</Andrews debug session>

Some data points:

This happens only, when the local apic timer is used. With PIT the
resume works fine.

I back ported the full high res stuff to 2.6.20. On 2.6.20 the VAIO
survives that patch.

Can the suspend/resume and ACPI wizards please give some hint how to
track this 100% reproducible wreckage down.



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