Re: [PATCH] shm: Fix the filename of hugetlb sysv shared memory

From: Eric W. Biederman
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 04:03:37 EST

Badari Pulavarty <pbadari@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> No. You still need my patch to fix the current breakage.


> This patch makes hugetlbfs also use same naming convention as regular shmem for
> its
> name. This is not absolutely needed, its a nice to have. Currently, user space
> tools
> can't depend on the filename alone, since its not unique (based on kry).

Exactly. My patch is an additional fix/cleanup to bring the hugetlbfs
shm segments as close to their normal counterparts as I can.

pmap still won't recognize them as shm segments (different block device
minor number) but otherwise they are now presented identically with
normal shm segments.

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