Re: [PATCH] ata-piix: kerneldoc-error-on-ata_piixc.patch 2nd try

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 16:14:28 EST

Randy Dunlap wrote:
I agree with all of these except #4. Maybe you can reconcile your
preference with that in Documentation/SubmittingPatches, which

The canonical patch message body contains the following:

- A "from" line specifying the patch author.

A patch submitter should not need to know the patch receiver's
personal preferences and vary patches based on those.

It's not a personal preference. It's all based on git-applymbox, pretty much.

The SubmittingPatches doc should be updated to clarify that a From line is not needed in the email body, if it is the same as the From line in the RFC822 header.


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