[BLOCK] bh: Ensure bh fits within a page

From: Herbert Xu
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 23:02:38 EST

Hi Andrew:

[BLOCK] bh: Ensure bh fits within a page

There is a bug in jbd with slab debugging enabled where it was submitting
a bh obtained via jbd_rep_kmalloc which crossed a page boundary. A lot
of time was spent on tracking this down because the symptoms were far off
from where the problem was.

This patch adds a sanity check to submit_bh so we can immediately spot
anyone doing similar things in future.

Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

While you're at it, could you fix that jbd bug for us :)

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Email: Herbert Xu ~{PmV>HI~} <herbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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diff --git a/fs/buffer.c b/fs/buffer.c
index 71649ef..b998f08 100644
--- a/fs/buffer.c
+++ b/fs/buffer.c
@@ -2790,6 +2790,7 @@ int submit_bh(int rw, struct buffer_head
+ WARN_ON(bh_offset(bh) + bh->b_size > PAGE_SIZE);

if (buffer_ordered(bh) && (rw == WRITE))
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