Re: XFS vs. swsusp

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 20:47:14 EST


> > > timer driven wakeup done on the per-fs xfssyncd kernel threads,
> > > which do background metadata writeout and will write to the log
> > > periodically... but if those processes are all stopped too, you
> > > should be OK.
> >
> > Timer only wakes up xfssyncd thread, right? That's okay, as that
> > thread will be stopped.
> But we call sync() before kernel threads are frozen. What happens if xfssyncd
> gets woken up by the timer after the sync() and before we freeze it?

xfssyncd writes some data to disk, but that is okay (no important data
could be generated in the meantime) and then it is frozen. As we take
system snapshot after the freeze, it is okay, because image is

I do not see a problem.
(cesky, pictures)
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