[PATCH 0/6] AVR32 update for 2.6.18-rc2-mm1

From: Haavard Skinnemoen
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 09:54:21 EST

Hi Andrew,

I'm back from vacation, so I figured I should try to compile the latest
-mm for AVR32. It failed immediately, so here's a set of patches to fix
the breakage. I guess I should have tried a clean build before
submitting the last update, as I would have noticed that
include/config/MARKER doesn't exist anymore.

Anyway, 2.6.18-rc2-mm1 boots successfully on my target with these
patches, but there's something strange going on with NFS and a few
other things that I didn't notice on 2.6.18-rc1. I'll investigate
some more and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Do you want me to keep sending incremental patches, by the way? I can
fold everything (or at least the trivial stuff) into avr32-arch.patch
if you want.

Here's a shortlog of the patches coming up:
AVR32: Use auto.conf instead of MARKER
AVR32: Don't assume anything about MAX_NR_ZONES
AVR32: Add nsproxy definition
AVR32: Add I/O port access primitives
AVR32: Use linux/pfn.h
AVR32: Kill CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM support completely

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