Re: Driver model ISA bus

From: Rene Herman
Date: Sun Jul 30 2006 - 09:07:44 EST

Simon White wrote:

No, the name is just an identifier under which the driver (and devices) show up in sysfs and ndev the number of devices we want to the driver code to call our methods with -- given that ISA devices do not announce themselves we have to tell the driver core this.

If I understood correctly, it is the maximum number of devices our
driver will support.


I got confused with an earlier version of this whereby devices were
to be registered with the isa bus on finding them.

One further thing I'd like to check. In my case there can only be a
maximum of 4 cards, limited by the possible hardware addresses manually selectable. Will the probe calls just happen or do they require some userspace activity to occur (referring to that echo bind
in the example).

If you provide a match() method as part of the isa_driver struct the calls to that method will just happen and if it returns non-zero, indicating a match between this driver and the device, the calls to the probe method will just happen. On a non-match (0), the device is unregistered again.

The driver model ISA bus is meant to provide a framework for ISA drivers close to the model from saner busses such as PCI. PCI drivers load always (even without their PCI ID present) since the user could do things such as supply a new PCI ID to the driver after it's loaded through sysfs (the new_id file).

As the example says, the match() method is intended only for things which should make the device fail to register since it could never be useful anymore -- in the example, if a port value hasn't been passed in we can't do anything so fail the device registration. Due to the fact that most other problems could be fixed later while the driver is loaded (such as by unloading a different driver which was keeping our ports busy) things such as that are also really the only things you should check in the match method, and do everything else from the probe method.

On the other hand, if you are really dead set against loading when you can't immediately drive something that's up to you as well -- you decide when to fail the match().

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