Re: Support for TI FlashMedia (pci id 104c:8033, 104c:803b) flashcard readers

From: Pierre Ossman
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 16:00:09 EST

Some comments from a MMC/SD perspective.

On a general note, please replace all your constants with defines. Magic
values are no fun (unless they are in fact a magic number ;)).

Also, calling the struct "card" might be a bit misleading as it might be
a bus in the MMC case.

In tifm_sd_o_flags(), try not to case on response types as the hardware
shouldn't have to care about this. If you really, really, _really_ must
do this, then make sure you have a default that prints something nasty
and fails the request with an error.

A default is also needed for cmd_flags in the same function.

In tifm_sd_exec(), you should only need to test for the presence of
cmd->data, not that the command is of ADTC type.


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