Re: XFS / Quota Bug in 2.6.17.x and 2.6.18x

From: ProfiHost - Stefan Priebe
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 13:19:48 EST


Correct - it only happens, if you use rootflags=quota without initrd.


Jan Engelhardt schrieb:
1.) You need a Kernel, where barriers are on by default:
so something like: or 2.6.17.x
I'm not shure of the minimal version for the 2.6.16.x Kernel tree.

3.) you boot your system with kernel option rootflags=quota

Ah I think there it is. I do boot with rootflags=, but since the initrd does the interpreting of rootflags= and mounting of /dev/hda2(/), that should pose a different situation?

Jan Engelhardt
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