Re: [PATCH 00/30] Permit filesystem local caching and NFS superblock sharing [try #11]

From: David Howells
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 07:10:50 EST

Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > These patches make it possible to share NFS superblocks between related
> > mounts, where "related" means on the same server and FSID. Inodes and
> > dentries will be shared where the NFS filehandles are the same (for
> > example if two NFS3 files come from the same export but from different
> > mounts, such as is not uncommon with autofs on /home).
> It's not clear why these were sent.

To try and elicit some feedback.

> The first 25 patches are, as far as I can tell, already in Trond's tree.
> Whether Trond has the correct versions of these is now anybody's guess...

He hasn't told me of any changes, but that doesn't mean he hasn't made any, I

> "[PATCH 26/30] NFS: Use local caching" appears to be the first patch which
> isn't in Trond's tree, but it doesn't work due to significant changes in
> nfs_clear_inode().


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