Re: 2.6.18-rc2-mm1

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Fri Jul 28 2006 - 17:33:06 EST

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 13:39:50 -0700
Matt Helsley <matthltc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > > I noticed the delay accounting functions in the stack trace. Perhaps
> > > task-watchers-register-per-task-delay-accounting.patch is causing the
> > > problem.
> >
> > Confirmed.
> Excellent, thanks for the rapid confirmation. I'll work with Shailabh
> and Balbir to fix this. In the meantime perhaps
> task-watchers-register-per-task-delay-accounting.patch should be dropped
> from -mm.

I think the whole patch series should be dropped, sorry. We will
occasionally add more runtime overhead to gain code maintainability or
readability or to squach warnings. But I do think this patchset goes too
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