Re: [BUG] Lockdep recursive locking in kmem_cache_free

From: Christoph Lameter
Date: Fri Jul 28 2006 - 16:35:12 EST

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, Thomas Gleixner wrote:

> Let me know, if you need more info

What type of NUMA system is this? How many nodes? Is memory exhausted on
some so that allocations are redirected? Are cpusets or memory policies
used to redirect allocations?

Maybe we get confused about local and remote objects due to fallback and
contamination of the per node lists with foreign node objects. I have a
patch here that make the slab allocations not fall back and insures that
cpuset do not interfere but it involves patching the page
allocator to not do fallback for slab allocations.

Lets see if we can figure this one out first.
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