Re: the ' 'official' point of view' expressed by regarding reiser4 inclusion

From: andrea
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 15:30:34 EST

On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 02:37:33PM -0400, Jim Crilly wrote:
> Or because they did 'allmodconfig' or 'allyesconfig'. Whenever I build
> a kernel I enabled everything possible as a module in case I ever need
> it. For instance, a few weeks ago I had the reiserfs module loaded because
> I was testing something, if I had klive running it would have said that I
> use reiserfs when in fact I don't.

reiserfs would showup in the module list in such case, but _not_ in
the fs list. KLive records both the modules loaded _and_ the mounted

This is the code that records the FS:

fs = {}
for _fs in ['^[^\s]+\s[^\s]+\s([^\s]+)', x).group(1)
for x in file('/proc/mounts').readlines() ]:
if _fs not in ['rootfs', 'proc', 'devpts']:
fs[_fs] = None
fs = ' '.join(fs.keys())
KERNEL += str_append(fs)

/proc/mounts only lists the _mounted_ fs, not the fs loaded into the
kernel statically or with insmod.
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