Re: [PATCH] Create IP100A Driver

From: David GÃmez
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 15:18:13 EST

Hi Jesse,

On Jul 27 at 03:39:32, Jesse Huang wrote:
> From: Jesse Huang <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> This is the first version of IP100A Linux Driver.

Jesse, have icplus agreed to sign the latest ip1000 gigabit driver?
I think that driver is more useful that this one (which in
fact seems to be duplicated from sundance from what i've read and
doesn't add anything new).

If i understand correctly, you (or any other person in icplus)
can confirm this by agreeing to the ip1000 inclusion in this list
and the current mantainers of the drivers (i think it was Francois
Romieu) can add the signed-off line and submit the driver.


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