Re: PCI bus is hidden behind transparent bridge

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 15:23:14 EST

Hi Thomas,

> Since I upgraded my kernel back around 2.6.16, I stopped seeing my SMBus
> adapter on the PCI bus, and thus could not get readings from the LM90
> sensor chip on my laptop. After trying the pci=assign-busses parameter,
> the error messages about transparent busses go away, but I still can't
> access the SMBus controller (it uses the i2c-i801 module, in case that
> helps).

Caused by this change:;a=commit;h=ce007ea59729d627f62bb5fa8c1a81e25653a0ad

Long story short, the quirk unhiding the Intel 82801 SMBus can cause
major trouble on resume. Thus it was disabled when suspend support is
included in the kernel. You have to disable ACPI sleep states if you
want it back.

Jean Delvare
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