Re: the " 'official' point of view" expressed by regarding reiser4 inclusion

From: andrea
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 12:03:08 EST

On Wed, Jul 26, 2006 at 04:50:19PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> Someone said in this thread 'is used by (tens of) thousands of computers
> in governmental laboratories the US "national security" depends upon.'

There can be people using reiser4 behind the firewall too, what's the
point? IIRC US .gov even sponsored part of reiser4 development, how do
you know they're not testing it too?

You don't believe KLive has any relation to reality, but you have no
way to proof your claim. JFYI: all statistics only take a sample of
the larger space, the whole point of having a statistic is because you
can't measure the total. The smaller the sample compared to the total,
the less the stats are accurate, but they still have some statistical
significance. And one can always hope that KLive will grow larger.

Last but not the least defining gentoo users as freaks isn't very nice
from your part. For all new startups they're the ideal userbase to
have, and they do a great deal of good work by testing all new stuff
and they help speeding up innovation. Infact I think having a sample
of what those brave users run is more important than the rest, the
rest usually follows the ones living on the edge eventually.
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