Re: [PATCH] OMAP: Add keypad driver #2

From: Komal Shah
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 01:40:07 EST

--- Dmitry Torokhov <dmitry.torokhov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Komal,
> The driver needs to handle failures in input_register_device() and
> unwind initialization properly. Also you do not need to do double
> negation of the value when calling input_report_key() because it will
> do it for you.
> Also you might consider setting up keycodetable, keycodesize, etc in
> the input device - this way you can change keymap at runtime via
> ioctls.

Thanx for the review. I will update the driver and submit to list soon.

---Komal Shah

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