Re: the " 'official' point of view" expressed by kernelnewbies.orgregarding reiser4 inclusion

From: David Masover
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 20:42:13 EST

Hans Reiser wrote:

> to use as his default. Now that we paid the 5 year development price
> tag to get everything as plugins, we can now upgrade in littler pieces
> than any other FS. Hmm, I need a buzz phrase, its not extreme
> programming, maybe "moderate programming". Does that sound exciting to

Hah! No, it doesn't sound exciting.

Plugins don't work well either, not as a marketing concept. People have
had so many bad experiences with plugins, and they're only ever visible
when you have a bad experience. Think about it -- missing plugin (so
you have to download it),

On the other hand, it works for WordPress. My day job is work on a
plugin for WordPress. Not including a link because I feel dirty for
having to work with PHP...

Fluid programming? If you build a solution from the bottom up with
gravel or large rocks, you leave gaps that are hard to fill without
ripping off the top layer and redoing it. But if you can do fluid
programming, your program just flows around any obstacle, and into every
crack / between every space (metaphor for new customer requirements)...

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