Re: 2.6.16-stable: what's the plan?

From: Greg KH
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 16:23:19 EST

On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 03:37:44PM -0400, Chuck Ebbert wrote:
> Any more information about how you're planning to maintain
> 2.6.16? Has the -stable team has done their final release?

The -stable team is suffering from travel lag right now (KS, OLS, and
then OSCON), and are still working out the infrastructure issues right

I think that the next .16-stable kernel will probably come from Adrian,
but need to check my patch queue before I can be sure of this.

Anyway, yes, it's still in the plans, but the conference season is
slowing things down. It should all be in place by next week.

Thanks for your patience.

greg k-h
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