[PATCH 0/2] blk request timeout handler: mv scsi timer code toblock layer

From: Mike Christie
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 05:37:28 EST

For the request based multipath I thought I would need to run some code
when a command times out. I did not want to duplicate the scsi code, so
I did the following patches which move the scsi timer code to the block
layer then convert scsi.

I have tested the scsi_error.c and normal paths with iscsi. And, I have
tested the normal IO paths with libata. Since libata uses the strategy
handler it needs to be tested a lot more. Some of the drivers that were
touching the timeout_per_command field need to be compile tested still
too. I converted them, but I think some still need a "#include

The patches only move the scsi timer code to the block layer and hook it
in so others can use it. I have not started on the abort, reset and
quiesce code since it is not really needed for multipath. I wanted to
see if the timer code move was ok on its own without the rest of the
scsi eh move because I do not want to manage the patches out of tree
with the other request multipath patches. I also wanted to check if the
scsi timer code was ok in general. Maybe scsi got it wrong and needed to
be rewritten :)

Both patches were made over 2.6.18-rc2.

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