Re: the ' 'official' point of view' expressed by

From: Luigi Genoni
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 04:31:39 EST

Please, I'm starting to me quite upset of all those references to impoliteness.

Every time on lkml someone talks about reiserFS/reiser4, immediatelly after
espressing his technical point (if he has something to say, of course), then
he feels he needs to add that developers should be polite. i.e he feels he
needs to take the distance from reiserFs developers attitude towards other
kernel maintainers.

I am replying to this mail because it is the last one I am reading, but the
previos mails from all the other who discussed this topic are really tipical
about this attitude.

I follow lkml since years, I know very well what happened, but do you think
that people are going to change, and their attitude is going to improve, if
in every post they read, they fell to be marked as "the bad guy ready to
flame everyone who disagrees with him in the worst impolite way"? If you
want thing to go better, please avoid those considerations and be happy just
focusing on the technical arguments.

Luigi Genoni

On Tue, July 25, 2006 06:57, Al Boldi wrote:

> BTW, this does not mean that impoliteness should be rewarded, on the
> contrary, impoliteness has no place anywhere, and should just be ignored,
> even if the content is worth its salt.

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