Re: Re: i686 hang on boot in userspace

From: gmu 2k6
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 03:58:09 EST

On 7/25/06, Jens Axboe <axboe@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, Jul 24 2006, gmu 2k6 wrote:
> the problem I have with hangs is related to changes in CFQ and that
> CFQ is now the default. 2.6.17-git12 had the problem but booting
> it with elevator=deadline fixes the hang.
> symptoms encountered during git-bisecting between v2.6.17 and v2.6.18-rc1:
> A hang while starting network services
> B hang while trying to login
> 1 on remote console [not SSH] it hang after typing <uid><CR>
> 1 via OpenSSH it hang after typing <pwd><CR> when doing slogin root@<IP>
> A is the problem I got in the first place and this seems to be the
> case since 2.6.17-git11 definitely although git-bisect pointed me at
> the following
> changeset which is included since 2.6.17-git12:
> caaa5f9f0a75d1dc5e812e69afdbb8720e077fd3
> by Jens Axboe
> titled "[PATCH] cfq-iosched: many performance fixes"
> strange enough it also hangs with 2.6.17-git11 which did not include that
> one changeset yet.

So perhaps your bisect isn't 100% trust worthy? Can you do a manual
-gitX bisect to see which 2.6.17-gitX introduced the problem?

Also please put a serial console or similar on the machine, so you can
log + store the sysrq+t output.

well I didn't say that caa....fd3 is the exact change which broke it,
just that it's related to 1) CFQ changes and 2) CFQ being the default
I have a Remote Serial Console via HP's integrated Lights-Out Java
Applet but am not sure how to enable serial console via kernel boot
params (will try to find out).
I will first try to find the 2.6.17-git* revision working before
bisecting it against -git11 or git12.
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