Re: How come that in kernel 2.6.11 a dvd is readable, but not in kernel 2.6.12?

From: Francois Romieu
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 07:25:20 EST

apache <apache@xxxxxxxx> :
> Fact: I can write a DVD on a machine with kernel-2.6.11, but I cannot
> read that DVD in a machine with kernel-2.6.12, even worse: the system is
> stuck.
> please explain

I can't explain but we may try to fix it with your help.

As a general remark, dmesg + .config + lspci -vx/lsmod help figuring the
hardware environment.

1 - can the regression be reproduced with last -rc (namely 2.6.13-rc4) ?
2 - if yes, can you isolate a simple operation to trigger the bug: I assume
you read the DVD from hell with some nice viewer under X. Can you
reproduce the bug in a simple console, without X, through a 'dd'
command for instance ?
3 - if so, did you notice extra messages ? Is led activity available ?
4 - if you are still stuck, you can start a binary search on the 2.6.12-rc
kernels, then on the 2.6.12-rcX-gitY to isolate the trigger (it may not
necessarily be the culprit).

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