Re: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Where is place of arch independed companionchips?

From: Andrey Volkov
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 07:22:22 EST

Hi Tony,

Antonino A. Daplas wrote:
> Andrey Volkov wrote:
>> Hi Greg,
>> While I write driver for SM501 CC (which have graphics controller, USB
>> I bumped with next ambiguity:
>> Where is a place of this chip's Kconfig/drivers in
>> kernel config/drivers tree? May be create new node in drivers subtree?
>> Or put it under graphics node (since it's main function of this CC)?
> You will have to split your driver (graphics under drivers/video, usb
> under drivers/usb, ac97 under sound, video capture under drivers/media,
> etc.
Yes, it was first what I try, BUT - all these drivers have common
code (as bus driver, in my case) and some of private headers.
And problem exactly in this code. This code NOT video/audio....., this
code is abstract bus driver, and doesn't fall under some exist kernel
tree node :(.

Andrey Volkov
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