Re: [PATCH] Wireless Security Lock driver.

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 15:39:57 EST


> Hehe - the WSLs are already reality. Sitecom is a producer of
> these and you can get another brand from ThinkGeek.

Aha, ok.

> Sitecom device:
> ThinkGeek:
> Why in kernel? Well, the device is based on the Cypress Ultra
> Mouse. So with a non WSL aware kernel the events from the WSL
> will be merged into the standard mouse input queue which will
> make your mouse pointer move uncontrollable - it'll jump across
> the screen in a couple of steps every 3 seconds or so.
> Quite amusing but not very handy!

Well, that is if you use /dev/psaux, right? Using event devices you
should be able to access it from userland. Or you could drive it using
libusb driver.
if you have sharp zaurus hardware you don't need... you know my address
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