Re: [PATCH] Wireless Security Lock driver.

From: Brian Schau
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 15:19:04 EST

Hi Pavel,

Hehe - the WSLs are already reality. Sitecom is a producer of
these and you can get another brand from ThinkGeek.

Sitecom device:


Why in kernel? Well, the device is based on the Cypress Ultra
Mouse. So with a non WSL aware kernel the events from the WSL
will be merged into the standard mouse input queue which will
make your mouse pointer move uncontrollable - it'll jump across
the screen in a couple of steps every 3 seconds or so.
Quite amusing but not very handy!
The problem is described here:

The WSL kernel driver will translate the device packets to a
separate event queue.

And you're right. The WSL driver is not a standalone thingy -
you'll some userland tools as well. These can be gotten from:

The tools contains a patch for xscreensaver (patch submitted to
maintainer) and a small WSL monitor program which will monitor
in-range/out-of-range signals and disable/enable xscreensaver
as needed.


Pavel Machek wrote:

I've attached a gzipped version of my Wireless Security Lock patch
for v2.6.13-rc4.
A Wireless Security Lock (WSL or weasel :-) is made up of two parts.
One part is a receiver which you plug into any available USB port.
The other part is a transmitter which at fixed intervals sends
"ping packets".
A "ping packet" usually consists of an ID and a flag telling if the
transmitter has just been turned on.

Idea is good... but why don't you simply use bluetooth (built into
many notebooks) and bluetooth-enabled phone?

Probably could be done in userspace, too :-).

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