status of kernel memory debugging?

From: Willem de Bruijn
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 06:24:12 EST

hi all,

For a project in packet filtering ( I'm in the process of
debugging kernel code I wrote. I have the habit of running all userspace code
through valgrind, and have setup user-mode-linux to do the same with the

Reading through some old LKML threads I see that there has been talk of
valgrinding a UML image, but the outcome appears inconclusive. Could someone
please update me on the status of memory debugging in the kernel, especially
regarding valgrind?

Do you have other tools you regularly use, or is is simply a trial-and-error
practice? Note that I already export my kernelspace code to userspace for
unit-testing where possible. It is only in the ioctl/syscall handlers that
this technique fails.


Willem de Bruijn
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