Re: accessing CD fs from initrd

From: Glennie Vignarajah
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 05:24:29 EST

Le Monday 25 July 2005 09:27, zvi Dubitzki("zvi Dubitzki"
<zvidubitzki@xxxxxxxxxxx>) disait:


> In need access the CD filesystem (iso9660) from within the Linux
> initrd or right after that (make it root fs).
> I need an example for that since allocating enough ramdisk space
> (ramdisk_size=90k in kernel command line) + loading the cdrom.o
> module at the initrd did not help mount the CD device
> (/dev/cdrom) at the initrd
> Also I need know how to pivot between the initrd and the CD
> filesystem

'MkCDrec' makes a bootable CDs. Have look at it. It uses shells
scripts only. So, it's easy to understand. If you want, I can mail
you the initrd made by those scripts!

If you're using Debian, have a look at bootcd-mkinitrd package !

I suppose any live CDs based distributions (like knopix) do such
things too....

By the way, this is not the correct ML for these questions. Please
use a list based on your GNU/Linux distribution !

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